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• HP64000 emulator overview brochure (old-school paste-up)
• South Platte River Trail - flyer & guide (Quarkexpress)
• Camshaft sales flyer (Quarkexpress)
• Christian education lesson unit workbook (Quarkexpress)
• Scanner overview by Hewlett-Packard (cover, spot art)
• U.S. history magazine (10 issue series, 2-color, Quarkexpress)


• Huntington Hills (development in SE Fort Collins)
• South Platte River Trail (Colorado Scenic Byways trail in Sedgwick Co.)
• ministry team logo
• Benefit Solutions (financial advisor)
• AIM Processing (plastic products manufacturing)
• Technical Roundtable (newsletter regular article header)


• Pre-prototype product illustration (marker, 8"x10"))
 •Space-themed eatery entry (marker, 20"x24")
• Security article header (hand-drawn art + Photoshop)
• Cessna 421 (gouache, 20"x30")
• Sky King's Songbird III (Prisma pencils, 8"x10")

• Development entry signage (newspaper ad, Prisma pencil)
• "The Campfire" from an unpublished novella Tundra
• The protagonists from Tundra (Prisma pencil, 8"x10")

• The Creation (Bryce 4)
• Repair process marketing proposal (Illustrator)

• scanning concept
• Duke twin (inset is original)
• Retirement mug


• The Good Seed Parable maze (Illustrator)
• GO! (to advance to the next step) (Illustrator)
• Zen 2000 (feature article background art) (Photoshop)


•Federal Reserve explanation (Illustrator, entire row)
•The Business of America - 1900 versus 1930 explanation
•Disarmament ≠ Peace explanation
•Business of America - 1915-1933 chart
•Impeachment explanation

•Inflation: when money does not equal wealth (Illustrator)
•How the United Nations is organized (Illustrator)
• The Cross - Jesus and Paul (discipleship) (Illustrator)
•Oscilloscope "eye" explanation (Visio)


• PC-based emulator introduction
• CAE software tool introduction
• Another CAE concept
• "USAGE" - use the product!


• amusement park prop
• automotive store styling
• sprinkler sled base



Bible Lands - Created and Textured in Bryce 4

Mount Sinai and Jericho

LEFT, CENTER - Mount Sinai (traditional location) made from GIS topo data and textured in Bryce
LEFT - Jericho as viewed by the Israelites under Joshua: an approximate recreation based on archeological data

Sea of Galilee

Combining Shuttle Radar Data and LandSat7 Imagery

FAR LEFT - A look-down view of the region showing the LandSat imagery overlaid on the Shuttle radar topography
MIDDLE LEFT - Looking northeast to southwest at about 60,000 feet altitude (Mt. Carmel is near upper middle)
MIDDLE RIGHT - Looking southeast from north of Mt. Carmel (upper right), same altitude


UPPER LEFT - Sea of Galilee looking SE
UPPER RIGHT - Sea of Galilee looking N from Jordan valley>
LOWER LEFT - Looking south across the Sea of Galilee from Capernaum
LOWER RIGHT - Looking N along Mediterranean coast from Caesarea