The Presidential Series
©1998 Richard B. Kurz, Jr. / All rights reserved / Printed in U.S.A.

Presidential Series is a U.S. history curriculum core that both entertains and educates. It is about the presidents of the United States and American history as seen through that office. The series is composed of ten issues of 16 pages each and printed in two colors. Each issue begins with an important election and then highlights the important events of that era and the issues behind them. By the end of the series, the reader will have a good overview of U.S. history since the Federal Convention of 1789 and of the events associated with each president. There are also short biographies of each president with more emphasis given to the focal president of each issue.

The series concept is like an illustrated book in a serialized magazine format. It fits into the category of "social studies," which means it focuses on history, culture, economics, and geography. It is written primarily for students from the 7th through 10th grades. The series uses a timeline method to organize and present the information visually. This helps present context. The copy is written in short bites that present an overview of history that is informative and readable (even for adults). It builds a knowledge foundation of historic facts and issues in order to better think about current events. It is designed to be half-and-half text and graphics. The graphics are not just eye candy, but give illustrative explanations to items touched on in the text.

As the publisher, I take an upbeat view of people and history. It is my aim to present a balanced perspective of the topics covered. Because of the age group for which I am publishing, some adult topics are not covered. For example, the last issue deals with Whitewater and the role of scandal in contemporary politics, but does not cover the personal scandal tied to President Clinton's impeachment.

The Series is no longer available to sale as of June 2007. Future sales are expected to be in digital format only either by downloadable pdfs or on CD. Suggestions for other means or media are welcome.

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Rich Kurz


A nearly complete listing of materials consulted to produce The Presidential Series may be downloaded here! (74kb pdf file)

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