"Knowledge is easy to him who has understanding." -Proverbs 13:6b

The purpose here is to tell history so that it makes sense for today. History is not events separated in time and place from each other. The "who, what, where, when" are important. The "why" and "how" are also necessary. The linking of yesterday to today makes it meaningful. This publication is a tool to forge that link.

I believe that human nature is constant. The nature of man has not changed in all of recorded history. Circumstances change, but each generation is working out the same basic problems. So, what someone did four thousand years ago can be a lesson for us today. I also believe that history is linear. Human nature may be considered cyclical, but not history. Events are unique expressions of human behavior, just as events in nature are unique from each other. So I am trying to better understand not just the world around us, but our own selves.

My own spiritual beliefs (Christian from the evangelical tradition) lead me to look to a Creator to understand my relationship with Him and within His creation. If you, the reader, do not share my beliefs, I think I have still provided you with a basis to more clearly understand what has gone on before us. I am trusting that we are seeking truth, that which is true for all, anywhere, anytime. Truth is the basis for our understanding. I like how the Apostle Paul puts it: 

"For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I shall know fully just as I also have been fully known." 1 Corinthians 13:12


The views and opinions expressed here are those of each contributor. Your feedback is welcomed. Please direct all questions, comments, suggestions and complaints regarding The Presidential Series and CHRONOGRAF productions to: Rich Kurz, publisher.

Conventional Wisdom: What is the Perfect Government for an Imperfect People?

Let's review the major arguments from the Constitutional Convention of 1787. What were the big stumbling blocks? What did they understand about government and human nature? How did they finally resolve anything together? And finally, what does family life teach us about government? Download complete article (298K pdf format)

Play It Again, Sam!: Does History Repeat Itself?

It was a feat unimaginable just a generation before, yet in the space of a few short years this marvel of technology was accomplished in '69. What was it? He came to the very gates of Moscow only to be driven back - not by military force, but by Mother Russia's winter. Who was he? For years military students studied how to attack Pearl Harbor...before 1941! Which country was it? Come explore what these events tell us about history and ourselves. Download complete article (74K pdf format)

History and HIS Story: Putting God in History

What do we think about history? What do we think about ourselves? Does history portray reality? Is history culturally specific? Is history biased? Is history godly? What is history without God? Does it matter if we talk about history without talking about God? How is the God of history different from man's understanding of history and God? Come and be challenged. Let's put God into (and over!) history. Download complete article (41K pdf format)

The Rest of the Story, or History...What's in It for You?

For homeschooled teens especially. You are sixteen years old. You are preparing to go out into the world. You enjoy the homeschool advantage. Your whole life is ahead of you. Why look backwards when your life lies in the future? It's 8 A.M. Dec. 7th, 1941 at Pearl Harbor - This is NO drill! You broke the code...did you believe the message? Download complete article (65K pdf format)

We The People/This Bill Is Owed to You

Two very short mediations on the underlying foundation to our form of government... and a word of warning from James Madison. Download complete article (65K pdf format)

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