Corvair Monza SS
The SS and GT
Remember, this is 1963!
Notice how low and small it is
The production model-
had it been approved
The GM design studio in which they were born
(Time, '64)
The studio tape dwg.
of the GT - Huginized and enhanced.
GT wind tunnel testing
(Time, '64)
Mitchell's Monzas
(Time, '64). Imagine what might have been!
(L/R) A studio profile shot, and a size comparison
GM management turned it down and a year later the Mustang swept the market.

Here is a LINK to an admirer's drawings
and a LINK to more photos
GM Firebird IV (1964)
a.k.a. Buick Century Cruiser (1969)
As seen in the GM Futurama II ride at
the NY World's Fair
Front view
Rear quarter side view
Rear view

It was approved for tooling, but then cancelled because Mitchell retired and the new VP of design didn't like a mid-engine 'Vette and Marketing said European mid-engine sports cars didn't sell well...
But 'Vette enthusiasts were SCREAMING for GM to make it!
Once again, imagine what might have been.
Aerovette (1982), originally a 4-rotor concept in 1973
Beauty shot
Rear quarter view
Side view (note the 72 degree slope windshield)
Side view line drawing
(found HERE)

And to think...
THIS became the Batmobile.
Lincoln Futura (1955)
and going.
Rocketing into the future.
Original design
by Suzanna Kurz (2005)
Pinewood derby model



Henri Coanda C-1
jet-powered (1910)
Boeing model 299
B-17 prototype (1935)
Bugatti R-100 (1940)
racer, now at
P-51 Mustang prototype (1941)
Lockheed L-749
Constellation (1947)
Q2 Rutan Quickie
2-seat kit plane (1978)


Taliesen West
Frank Lloyd Wright's western home (1939)
Here is a link for interior views
"Wave House" (Cooper House)
Harry Gesner, architect (1957)
featured in Life, April 16, 1965
Here is a link to the LIFE article.
United States Air Force Academy Chapel
Walter A. Netsch Jr./SOM (1962)
Here is a link for more views
Old Faithful Inn
Robert Reamer (1904)
These plans from the collection of the Montana Memory Project
These images may be found in their context at "Yellowstone Notebook"