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This page is a record of my work over my career and is presented for your interest and for reference by my clients, past present, and future. I created the images, documents, and files linked to this page, and therefore own the copyright to them. All work done for my clients and employers is owned by them and they hold the trademarks and the copyrights I assigned to them.

All files and images on this page are copyright protected under U.S. and international copyright law. Since the concepts and original artwork are owned by my clients or employers, and the images and files themselves are owned by me, no one may reproduce or create derivative works from them without the expressed permission of the owner or owners. You may contact me with any requests.


• HP1631A_D oscilloscope users guide (mechanical paste-up) (pdf)
• HP64000-PC emulator brochure (mechanical paste-up) (pdf)
• South Platte River Trail - flyer & guide (Quarkexpress) (pdf)
• Camshaft sales flyer (Quarkexpress) (pdf)
• Scanner overview by HP (cover, spot art)

• Cover, user manual (CorelDraw, Photoshop, Quarkexpress) (pdf)
• Business materials (CorelDraw, Illustrator, Quarkexpress) (pdf)
• Installed-base newsletter (3x/year, 4-color, Quarkexpress) (pdf)
• U.S. history magazine (10 issue, 2-color, Quarkexpress) (pdf)
• Christian education lesson unit workbook (Quarkexpress) (pdf)
• Fast Fix 24/7 emergency service (Indesign) (pdf)


• Firewall Forward campaign (1990-2000) (pdf)
• Huntington Hills real estate development (1992-1999) (pdf)
• Intelco long-distance phone service campaign (1984) (pdf)
• Sunday school curriculum ad (2003)
• Retail shopping ad (1991)
• Feature/benefit concept sketches (1988)


• Huntington Hills (development in SE Fort Collins)
• South Platte River Trail (Colorado Scenic Byways trail)
• ministry team logo
• Benefit Solutions (financial advisor)
• AIM logo development (plastic products manufacturing)
• Technical Roundtable (newsletter regular article header)
• FSE (contract electronics manufacturer)


• Pre-prototype product illustration (marker, 8"x10"))
• The Creation (Bryce 4)
• Defect repair process marketing proposal (Illustrator) (pdf)
• Sunday school unit backgrounds (Illustrator) (pdf)
• Security article header (hand-drawn art + Photoshop)

• Development home models (pen & ink, 9"x12")
• Condominium development (pen & ink, 11"x17")
• Development entry signage (newspaper ad, Prisma pencil)
• "The Campfire" from an unpublished novella "Tundra"
• The protagonists from Tundra (Prisma pencil, 8"x10")


• self-portrait - college years
• Moss Man - letter to a friend
• Avant/Apres (before/after) ski camp - flyer
• "The Soaring 90's" - t-shirt concept
• Missionary Ailments - banquet placemat
• HP electric shock tester cartoon


• Division team shirt - Corporate Cup 1988
• Division team shirt - Corporate Cup 1989
• Product introduction - Quota Busters
• Company picnic - Let the GOOD TIMES roll!
• Airliner subject - L-749 Constellation


• Cessna 421 (gouache, 20"x30")
• Sky King's Songbird III (Prisma pencils, 8"x10")
• TWA Constellation (gouache, 9"x12")
• Concorde commemorative cachet (Prisma pencil, 8"x10")
• Boeing commemorative cachet (Prisma pencils, 8"x10")

• Cessna 310 (Prisma pencils, 8"x10")
• HK-1 Hughes Flying Boat (Prisma pencil, 9"x12")
• L-749 Constellation t-shirt (3-color, 10"x10")
• Mighty 8th mugs (6-color)
• P-47, P-51, P-38 art close-up (Prisma pencil original)


• "digital scanning" concept
• Duke twin (inset is original)
• Retirement mug
• "USAGE" means 'use the product!'
• Image enhancement using masking


• The Good Seed Parable maze (Illustrator)
• GO! (to advance to the next step) (Illustrator)
• Zen 2000 (feature article background art) (Photoshop)


• Federal Reserve explanation (Illustrator, entire row)
• The Business of America - 1900 versus 1930 explanation
• Disarmament ≠ Peace explanation
• Business of America - 1915-1933 chart
• Impeachment explanation

• Inflation: when money does not equal wealth (Illustrator)
• How the United Nations is organized (Illustrator)
• The Cross - Jesus and Paul (discipleship) (Illustrator)
• Oscilloscope "eye" explanation (Visio)


• PC-based emulator introduction
• Emulator product brochure photography
• Emulator product line photo for trade press
• Design automation tools photo for trade press
• Emulator concept photo for trade press

• CAE software tool introduction
• Another CAE concept
• HP-64000 beauty shot for trade press
• CAE product beauty shot for trade press


Product Design

• Sprinkler sled base, traditional styling (marker, full size)
• Sprinkler sled base, wind-carved styling (marker, full size)
• Space heater ideation sketches (marker, 9"x12") (pdf)

Co-operative Work Program

• Medical sponge counter model (aluminum, Foamcore) (pdf)
• Lawn mower labels (marker sketches, mockups)) (pdf)
• Bicycle labels (marker sketches, mockups) (pdf)
• Cartop camper units (marker sketches) (pdf)
• Foam plastic hand puppets (design & mockups in foam)
• Cardboard punch-out playsets (chipboard, 9"x12") (pdf)

Retail and Interior Design

• White's Autoworks (auto parts store theming) (pdf)
• Huffman Koos (exterior facade) (pdf)
• L5 nightclub visualization (marker, 18"x24") (pdf)
• video production agency office concepts (marker, 18"x24") (pdf)

Canada's Wonderland (1980)

The following links show an object and its drawings.
• Project involvement (pdf)
• Aerofield queue building (Hanna Barbera Land) (pdf)
• Boo-Boo's Buggies (Hanna Barbera Land) (pdf)
• Mammoth (Hanna Barbera Land) (pdf)
• Ghoster Coaster entry (Hanna Barbera Land) (pdf)
• Peasant's hut (Medieval Faire) (pdf)

• Klockwerker (Grand World Exposition) (pdf)
• Calcutta Trader shop (Grand World Exposition) (pdf)
• Pharoah's Eye (Grand World Exposition) (pdf)
• Swing of Siam (Grand World Exposition) (pdf)
• Wilde Beast (Medieval Faire) (pdf)
• Pic-A-Wic candle shop (Medieval Faire) (pdf)

• Popcorn shop (Medieval Faire) (pdf)
• Sherwood Florist shop (Medieval Faire) (pdf)
• Shrimp & Fries shop (Medieval Faire) (pdf)
• Cowering peasants (Medieval Faire) (pdf)
• Siege Tower prop (Medieval Faire) (pdf)
• Wilde Knightmares (Medieval Faire) (pdf)
• Bridge (Hanna-Barbera Land) (pdf)

What Got Cut?!?

• Some of what did NOT get made (diverse) (pdf)
   • Giant Frog (Hanna-Barbera Bridge)
   • Pterodon ride centerpiece (Bedrock)
• And the BIG ONE - Frontier Canada (pdf)


(Design school, University of Cincinnati)

Sophomore year

• Egg project: problem solving (pdf)
• Natural analogy presentation exercise (color paper, Letraset)
• Feely craftsmanship project (models in wood, plaster, plastic) (pdf)
• Portable car light project (concepts, models, presentation) (pdf)
• Tableware illustrations (marker & pastels, 19"x24") (pdf)

Pre-junior year

• Overhead projector ideation exercise (marker on bond)
• Electric knife rendering (marker on Bienfang bond)
• 1974 Camaro sketch (goauche, 9"x12")
• Portable furniture (marker, 19"x24") (pdf)
• Chess set, plaster & wood (blueprints, 19"x24") (pdf)

Junior year

• Ceramic speaker housing (ceramic) (pdf)
• Portable learning environment ideation exercise (marker on bond)
• Interview RV project (marker on different papers) (pdf)
• Warner Elementary remodel (marker on blueprints) (pdf)

Senior year

• Full-sized self-portrait (pencil)
• Community: personal housing project (booklet & model) (pdf)
• Senior project: presentation viewer (model, line art) (pdf)



Bible Lands

Mount Sinai and Jericho and 2nd Temple Jerusalem

Created and Textured in Bryce 4

LEFT, CENTER LEFT - Mount Sinai (traditional location) made from GIS topo data and textured in Bryce
CENTER RIGHT - Jericho as viewed by the Israelites under Joshua: an approximate recreation based on archeological data
RIGHT - Jerusalem from Mount of Olives, Herodian Temple period, topo created in Illustrator

Sea of Galilee

Created in Bryce 4 Combining Shuttle Radar Data and LandSat7 Imagery

FAR LEFT - A look-down view of the region showing the LandSat imagery overlaid on the Shuttle radar topography
MIDDLE LEFT - Looking northeast to southwest at about 60,000 feet altitude (Mt. Carmel is near upper middle)
MIDDLE RIGHT - Looking southeast from north of Mt. Carmel (upper right), same altitude


UPPER LEFT - Sea of Galilee looking SE
UPPER RIGHT - Sea of Galilee looking N from Jordan valley>
LOWER LEFT - Looking south across the Sea of Galilee from Capernaum
LOWER RIGHT - Looking N along Mediterranean coast from Caesarea