The SS Oriana that plied the Pacific Ocean in the 1960s, done as a paper model in 1/700th scale.
The Surveyor's House from On The Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder, done as a paper model with interior in 1/48th scale.
Pa Ingall's store from The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder, done as a paper model with interior in 1/48th scale.
This was my own creation based on photos and stepping out the interior.
The Lightcycle from the original Tron movie. I enlarged the pattern to fit an 11"x17" sheet.
The pattern is found here.
The original starship Enterprise. Made from paper products around the home - picnic plates, toilet roll cores, crumpled Kleenex, ping-pong balls,
toothpicks, candy foil, and sheets of white paper. You should see what I did with the Fireball XL-5 for my daughter!
The F-15A Eagle USAF air superiority fighter, done as a paper model in 1/72th scale.
The aircraft depicted is the prototype as painted by Keith Ferris in 1972 before its first flight, although the model itself is a later variant.
The Boeing B-314 Clipper transoceanic flying boat, an Airfix kit in 1/144th scale.
I made this in high school and experimented with pinhole photography. The aluminum foil water I thought worked nicely.
The P-51D Mustang WWII air superiority fighter, done in plastic in 1/48th scale.
The aircraft depicted flew out of China and the Pacific. Click here for more details.
The Lockheed L-1049G Constellation(nickname "Super-G") mid-50s airliner, done in plastic in 1/128th scale.
The model is built to "out-of-the-box" contest standard. Click here for construction details.
The Douglas DC-4 airliner in the livery of Pan American Airways, circa 1948, done as a plastic model in 1/122th scale.
This was created as a present to my father-in-law, who flew on one to Hawaii in 1948.
USS McCook DD-496 as she appeared along the beaches on D-Day. The destroyers were the unsung artillery that day suppressing pillboxes
and anything else that pinned down the troops. A good friend's father was the officer directing the guns on board her that day. This one's for him!
1973 Corvette 4-Rotor. My goal was to build this 1/18th scale kit relatively quickly. I corrected the nose and interior,
completing it plus adding a rear bulkhead. I then tried a special tri-coat-like paint job on it to match the original. Not perfect, but a good result.
The only battle between fleets of battleships. It occured May 31-June 1, 1916 in the North Sea off of Jutland.
A technical draw, the British still controlled the seas and were never challenged again by the Germans. Images created in Bryce4.

The Models

   Click on an image to view a larger version

SS Oriana
1/700 scale
Approaching Tahaiti.
Shore leave, anyone?
The Surveyor House
1/48 scale
The main floor layout
The upper attic layout
Pa's Store
1/48 scale
3/4 front view
3/4 front view
3/4 rear view
Comparison view
Surveyor/Pa store/Gass Law bldgs.
Comparison view
Surveyor/Pa store/Gass Law bldgs.
?? scale, pattern enlarged ~130%
3/4 rear view
Head-on view (accidental pun)
approx. 18" long
Rear view
Side view
1/72 scale
Model & base, side view
parallel method
stereoview - cross-eyed method
(note original painting on the left)
Boeing B-314
1/144 scale
Built out-of-the-box
Aluminum foil water and
combed over a carpet for texture
A mix of incadecent backlight
and daylight sidelighting
Background replaced with
a cloudscape
P-51D 1/48 scale,
metal foiled, interior added
L-1049G, ~1/128 scale
Out-of-the-box detailing
Tamiya white & SNJ metalizer
DC4 Pan Am Clipper
~1/122 scale
Queen of the skies!
My father-in-law flew it . . .
. . . to Hawaii in 1948.
And there he is looking out his window.
USS McCook DD-496
...a sister ship at Dog White sector
near Vierville sur Mer
USS McCook June 6, 1944
1/700 scale
side view
view from above
views from astern
3/4 rear view
The famous profile -
the nose line was nearly straight!
3/4 front view
3/4 rear view
Straight-on rear view
Nose to nose - '64 Corvette (diecast)
& '73 4-Rotor Corvette
Side by side - the Aerovette is
longer & wider & lower
A good comparison -
Look-down view
The 4-rotor Wankel beats the
small-block V8 off the line!
Just a decade apart - the Aerovette
was originally shown in '73.
SMS Seydlitz
...another view
SMS Moltke
(battlecruiser) it appeared against
the sunset sky
The fishing boat that brought
the two fleets together
First contact! seen from a German destroyer
Beatty's battlecruisers
in pursuit
Hipper's battlecruisers firing