The Testors kit is a reissue of the Hawk kit from the 1950s. While the general profile and dimensions are good, it comes with next to no interior detailing. So in this rendition, all the cockpit, all the landing gear bays, and even the underside radiators have all been hand fabricated. The only after-market parts used were the decals.
The markings are those of Lt. Col. Edward O. McComas (14) of the 10th and 14th Air Force, 23rd Fighter Group, 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron in China. He began his service in WWII as a Flying Tiger in 1941 and was the first U.S. pilot to become an ace in a day on Dec. 29, 1941. He flew the "D" model only in 1945 after scoring most of his kills. Interestingly, his P-51C showed 19 kill flags on it. I have inaccurately shown only 12 flags on this model.
The model was first covered with aluminum foil and then painted and decalled. The spinner was painted and buffed with SNJ. My reference showed a red outline on the lightning bolt, but I have also seen it in yellow. No attempt was made to dirty up the aircraft. The antenna wire is stretched sprue. The drop tanks came from another kit.

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