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The Past

The original entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park (1920-1928)
More Estes Park in 1924
Scenes from Gettysburg Battlefield National Park

The Present

First Entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park (c.1924)

The results of a search to find the location of my grandfather's photo taken in 1924 of the original Fall River Entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The original photo;
The location today;
Original photo matchup

Second photo, late summer 1924;
Second photo matchup

Mouse over the image and observe the rocks on the right behind the gateway.

More from '24—Estes Park

Two more photos from my Grandfather, and another found searching for the entrance location

Looking S at xxx Mtn.;
Longs Peak Inn,
looking W to Longs Peak;
2nd Entrance to RMNP in Horseshoe Park,
looking W

...And Today
From downtown Estes Park;
Salvation Army camp;
About 200 ft. W of site
Approx. overlay

Scenes from Gettysburg (c.1863)

Attempts to match locations with famous photos (click on photos to see a side-by-side comparison)

Little Roundtop, looking NW towards Seminary Ridge;
Devils Den, looking E to Little Roundtop;
Roundtop, looking S from Little Roundtop