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Presidential Comparator

     Contact: Rich Kurz  Page content last updated March 8, 2011   Click on each presidential silhouette above to learn the basics about him.


This quiz will test your responses should you ever find yourself in a room full of ex-U.S. Presidents.
One runs the risk of not only forgetting their important achievements while in office, but even their name!
The default answer in that case is to respond, "Mr. President, I was not even born when that happened."
Another zinger is, "Mr. President, you are more forgotten than I will ever be known!"


1. Click the shield button next to the answer you think is correct.
2. If you do not know the answer, do not guess, since wrong answers are subtracted from your score!
3. If you clicked a wrong answer, either click the shield next to the wrong one to deselect it and click another,
   Or, simply click the shield next to the correct one.
4. When done, click the yellow "Click When Finished" button at the end of the test. Your score will appear below it.
   All the correct answers will have green shields before them.
5. Review the correct answers (green shields) that you did not know to learn what areas you still need to study.
6. Refresh the window to clear all the selections and try again.