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    RED--our trail up to the campsite and back (8 miles)
    ORANGE--the 1st evening's hike to Lake#3
    GREEN--the 2nd day's morning hike to Lake#4
    BLUE--the 2nd day's afternoon's hike to Sandbar and Big Rainbow Lakes
    Day One--The Hike Up–
    • Lunch stop on the hike up
    • Tangles of spruces were common sites
    • Lake#3 opposite shore about 7:00pm
    • Sunset on North Rawah peak
    Day Two--Morning Hike–
    • Our campsite--sunrise came at 6:20
    • Approaching Grassy Pass
    • Looking back at Lake#3 & the Snowy Range
    • We came across a ptarmigan while bushwacking to Lake#4
    • Lake#4 sits beneath the South Rawah peak
    • From the shore--it was more towering than it looks here
    • When the clouds built up, it was time to leave
    • Going cross-country leaving Lake#4
    • One last panorama from Grassy Pass
    • The Snowy Range from Grassy Pass
    Day Two--Afternoon Hike–
    • Just above our campsite were three lakes. The nearest was Upper Sandbar Lake.
    • We continued on and reached Big Rainbow Lake.
    • We turned around, went past Upper Sandbar and shortly came to Lower Sandbar Lake.
    Lingering Images–
    • Sunrises are mighty close by up there.
    • At 11,000, wild flowers are abundant.
    • And the columbine thrive up there!
    • They actually look like the Scenic Byway signs.
    • We left at 7:50 a.m. leaving this view behind.
    Some Stereoviews–
    • Our campsite--an unintended stereo pair
    • They moved with the breeze, but here is my attempt
    • A stereotypical view from our trip