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 "Old Faithful" & Old Faithful Inn (1903) and the main lobby
 The 1964 New York World's Fair as seen from the roof of the Kodak pavilion.

 Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park  Yavapai Point, The Grand Canyon
 Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park  Grand Tetons from Lost Creek Ranch, Moose, Wyoming
 Earth and its moon from an interplanetary satellite


Rocky Mountain National Park

Rainbow Curve, RMNP
180° left = west
(alt.=10,800 ft) 01/2008

Atop Hallett Peak, RMNP
360° left = east
(alt.=12,800 ft) 08/2009

Atop Longs Peak, RMNP
360° left = south
(alt.=14,255 ft) 08/2009

Alpine Visitors Center, RMNP
(alt.11,799 ft) Opening day, 05/2003

Along Bierstadt Trail, RMNP
180° left = north
(alt.~9,500 ft) 09/2009

Elsewhere in Colorado

Atop Crested Butte
360° left = south
(alt.=12,152 ft) Gunnison County, CO 08/2003

Atop Horsetooth Rock
18° left = north
(alt.=7,255 ft) West of Ft. Collins, CO

Interior of the upper chapel
United States Air Force Academy
180° top = entrance

Gettysburg Battlefield

The view from Seminary Ridge, Confederate lines. Pickett's Charge began here.
View looking east (left) to south  05/2004

South end of Union line on Little Roundtop, defended by Col. Chamberlain and the 20th Maine.
This looks down on the Confederate line.
360° left = west

South end of Union line on Little Roundtop, same location but looking up from the Confederate line at the 20th Maine's position on the top ridge
360° left = west

Here and There

The Udvar-Hazy Center, pre-1920 aviation gallery
Dulles International Airport 05/2004

Pa's homestead claim and the trees he planted as told in "By the Shores of Silver Lake". The trees mark the location of the Ingall's home.
360° left = south  DeSmet, SD 07/2003